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Frequently Asked Questions

GRS has a $75 mobile fee for programming which is included in our quote, however, if the job cannot be completed at no fault of GRS, a $75 mobile fee is required for our time involved.

Why rebuild your instrument cluster when I can get one from a salvage yard?

While in some cases a salvage yard IPC may be cheaper we strongly recommend having your existing IPC rebuilt. Almost all IPCs carry the mileage of the vehicle in the IPC not on the vehicle ECU, main computer. Whatever mileage is on the salvage IPC will now be on your vehicle and that may seem like a good idea if it has lower mileage but it will end up costing you more, here’s why. Once that vehicle’s mileage is changed it will be sold as TMU(True Mileage Unknown). Whether you sell it private party or trade-in if the there are discrepancies in the mileage of the vehicle it cannot be sold with true mileage. Whether records are kept and recovered at the Dealership, CarFax, the last oil change or another place that may report the mileage a discrepancy will make the vehicle TMU. This will drastically reduce the value of the vehicle because the true mileage cannot be determined resulting in a lower value.

Why should I purchase a remanufactured cluster or module rather than buy new?

On average, most instrument clusters and modules will cost $500 or more when buying from a dealership. GRS costs are significantly lower and when we rebuild a module we repair/replace all known issues and components on the board, we don’t only repair the issue you’re having. A new module or cluster will still have the factory defects, our rebuild prevents those issues from ever happening and is guaranteed with our warranty.

All modules have or will have anywhere between one to a dozen issues on the printed circuit board. These issues can affect the same vehicle issue or be on separate circuits causing multiple issues, if the entire module is not rebuilt the cluster or ECU will eventually fail in one or several of those trouble areas.

Most rebuilders of automotive clusters advertise a lifetime warranty but do not specify that they only warranty the gauges, not the entire cluster. GRS warranties the entire cluster because we do a complete rebuild not just the gauges and lighting.

Module Programming – Flash - Update:

Our programming services require a good Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter for internet if cellular services are limited or non-existent. We must be able to reach the vehicle manufacturers website to download updated calibrations. We require a power outlet as well to maintain a good battery state. Also, please ensure the vehicle battery is fully charged and in good condition before the day of programming.

When using our module programming service please ensure the module is in good working condition. We cannot give refunds for used modules that have errors or codes after programming due to a faulty module causing other codes or issues. We understand that using used modules is a less expensive way to repair a vehicle and we encourage our customers to do so due to the cost of new parts, however there’s a risk a used module from a salvage yard may have issues. GRS cannot be responsible for bad parts.

GRS is only responsible for the calibration update/programming or services agreed upon and not any issues that may result from a programming service. We will attempt to help to find a solution if there are any but are only responsible for the job specified and not unknown unintended issues occurring due to a successful update. We only guarantee that our programming service is done correctly, we cannot guarantee it will fix any issue. Many manufacturers record programming data which helps our customers and us to ensure that programming was successful.