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Other Services

GRS offers repairs for multiple dash and interior components including but not limited to, climate control HVAC A/C head units/EATCs; Radio, clock, HUD and other LCD screen dash components and back light repair for dash components. Please contact us and ask about your dash repair needs.

What this service is intended for: You replaced your instrument cluster with a salvage yard IPC and the mileage does not match your current vehicle. Your odometer stopped working and we need to replace the IPC.

Mileage Correction РGRS offers mileage correction for digital odometers. This service requires verifiable mileage records. This would need to be recent and verifiable automotive dealership, DMV or other official record keeping for odometers. Some vehicles store the mileage in the PCM if the mileage can be pulled from the PCM this may be another alternative for verifiable odometer reading along with DMV or dealership record. A signed affidavit is required for this service.